Paramo : Summer Cap




The Páramo Summer Cap is the ultimate in warm temperature head protection. Constructed from rapid evaporation fabric, Parameta® A, it is cool, light, comfortable and wind resistant. The foldaway neck protector ensures vital protection from the sun. There are carefully thought-out features such as dark fabric on the underside of the broad peak to reduce glare. A ‘must-have’ accessory for anyone heading outdoors into the sunshine!

Parameta® A fabrics are rapid evaporation fabrics that help to keep you cool and protect you in warm environments.

All Parameta A fabrics wick very effectively, rapidly spreading perspiration over a large area to provide maximum evaporation in order to keep you cool at higher temperatures. It blocks virtually all damaging UV rays, and the dense weave deters biting insects.

Parameta A fabric comes in assorted weights to suit different requirements:

  • Ultra light for travel shirts (100% polyester)
  • Lightweight for trousers (100% polyester)
  • Parameta A Cotton+ for trousers (cotton blended with modern synthetics for a rugged, fast-drying fabric).

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