Trade in your old Paramo at Jo Royle Outdoor.

Get £50 OFF your new Analogy garment when you trade in your old one. Simply bring it in (preferably laundered) to Jo Royle Outdoor in Buxton and trade it in…….

Páramo is always looking for the path of least environmental impact. The Páramo Recycling Scheme is our way of providing a safe route for disposal of unwanted garments. We’ll take back any Páramo product (except underwear), and either find it a new home, or recycle it into new fabric. As a reward for your effort in getting old gear back to us, you can expect a generous discount on new Páramo products.

Repair and re-use…

  • It is always preferable to re-use before recycling, so if an old garment can be refurbished at reasonable cost, our expert workshop will do so.


If an item is beyond repair, it is stripped of any useful components and baled up ready for shipping to a specialist recycling facility. We aim to use a chemical recycling process which, unlike traditional textile recycling, preserves the value and quality of the material. This ensures the material doesn’t enter a spiral of “downcycling” which eventually ends up in landfill. Your old garment will become high quality fabric rather than cheap and disposable cushion filling.


In exchange for… Exclusions Páramo will award… Conditions for use of discount voucher
Any garment made using genuine Nikwax Analogyfabrics, and not specifically listed for exclusion.
This includes garments branded as Nikwax Analogy Waterproof, Nikwax Analogy Fleece, and Nikwax Analogy Insulator.
Gaiters, waterproof caps, and of course any non-Analogy garments. A single use £50 discount applicable to items worth more than £125 RRP. Only one discount can be used at a time. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers including multi-buys, points schemes etc. It cannot be used against the purchase of ARWP items (as the proceeds from these go directly into the Aspira Fund).

The discount can however be used in conjunction with prepaid gift vouchers.


Any other genuine Páramo garment, not specifically listed for exclusion. This includes windproofs, Nikwax Fleece, Parameta base and mid-layer garments. Underwear (briefs, boxers, microshorts and long johns) cannot currently be accepted for health and safety reasons. A single use £10 discount, applicable to purchases worth more than £25 RRP.